Monday, May 18, 2009

Rainy Day

Well, the rain has finally found Florida, it's been a long time, seems like a couple years since we have had a really good rain, but the last few days have been nothing but. The grass is green again and sprouting up, it's humid still but with a nice cool breeze. Eric filled the pool up last week (hate the water bill after doing that) only to have to drain water out the other day, it was actually overflowing after a six inch rainfall. The kids and I did some running around this afternoon and I have to add I hate automatic windshield wipers. They seem really cool when the salesman is telling you about them but today they were so off, when it was pouring driving 70 mph on the highway they are at the slowest speed then stop at a light and they are going as fast as they can--go figure.

Taylor is now at that grand age where she never ventures out of her bedroom except to eat. She sits in that room with her TV, radio, ipod, I guess admiring her hundreds of posters of her favorite boys. She spends most of the evening on the telephone chatting about the boys she is admiring and every once in awhile she'll pop her head out to tell her brother to shut up or ask Eric or myself if she can have Emily spend the night or vice versa. I remember those days so well.

Jimmy, on the other hand, is a terror if it is raining outside and he isn't able to go out. I heard "I am so bored" about a billion times today. He also becomes so clingy and talkative, it's nice for about the first hour or so and then I start feeling the need for a little quiet. He wouldn't even take five minutes of TV before he was back and some of the time he brought his DS down with him and not only was he talking and showing me what he was doing in his game but the darn thing would be blaring. So, on days like this I am taking very deep breathes and telling myself he just needs some companionship so I do what I am suppose to, sit down with him on my lap and watch his video games or listen to everything he has to say. I know the day is soon coming where he will be behind his closed door, so I will enjoy the time he needs me around him.

There is no greater blessing in life than our children.

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