Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jimmy's Day

Eric and I took Jimmy to Hannah Montana The Movie this afternoon and he loved it. The movie wasn't bad, Eric and I both found ourselves laughing during it but watching Jimmy singing and dancing while watching was even better. Taylor spent the night with Emily last night so we decided today would be a fun day with just Jimmy and it was. After leaving the theater we drove past the pond at the mall and Jimmy got to see the alligator swimming around, he was so excited and couldn't stop asking all the questions he could think of about alligators and sharks. Lately, Jimmy has become very interested in sharks and watches a lot of the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet hoping to see a new show on them. He has also gotten to a stage where he asks "Why?" Since he didn't talk much at three he is now making up for the why stage he missed, he has to know everything and more and I have to say, he absorbs all the info we give him. He is very technical these days and wants just the facts, not the jokes myself and Daddy like to give him about what he asks, he becomes very adjudicated with us if we do not provide what he is wanting to know.

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