Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Need to Vent

I know most of the people who read my blog are friends and family, this is not aimed at you in any way. Some of you are Christian some are Pagan like myself, but we all love each other and everyone who knows me (really knows me), knows that I am a good person, not evil. I have never threw my religion in any one's face, I am happy to discuss my beliefs or explain how I live but I would never ask you to join me, this is a personal preference and a way I live my life, I do not expect anyone to walk my path of the craft. I am happy in my life but sick of everyone thinking I'm sacrificing and worshiping something that I don't believe even exists. I don't believe in the devil, that is the evil side of Christianity, I am not Christian, therefore the devil (Satan) has no place in my life. I feel like I repeat myself over and over again, I do not live my life like the Hollywood movies, those are make believe. I do not practice "black magick" or voodoo, I live my life in peace and serenity. I am a Witch, a Kitchen Witch at that, most of my magick is performed while I make meals and that's good enough for me. Lisa, I am going to use you as an example because you are the most Christian person I know. We don't agree religion wise but as friends--lets just say family--we respect each other and love each other even though you live your life by Jesus and I live mine by the Goddess, I just wish everyone could do that. I keep getting messages from old friends telling me I am going to hell and I know some of you probably think I am and that is fine, I just don't want to hear it. Today, someone told me if I just went to church I would feel the warmth of love that would surround me unlike the pure evil I live with now. OMG...are you serious? Evil? I asked them to please explain the word evil for me and have yet to hear back.

Everyone that knows me knows that I could give a rats ass about what people think. I am Joey, I do what I want, no one ever tells me what to do or else they would be waiting on whatever it is a very long time--Mom and Eric can validate that one. My husband learned a long time ago that there is no changing me, trust me he tried. There is no one in this life time that will ever have any control over what I do, you either roll with me or roll away and I'll accept or wave goodbye, no hard feeling afterwards on my part. My kids are the only exception to this rule, my children are number 1 and they both have me wrapped around their finger and I am proud of that--they are not spoiled just very loved. I have seen friends come and go, I have close friends that never judge and then I have those that tend to throw hissy fits like five year olds, I don't play those games and sure enough they are no longer in my life and do I ever think about them, sure I do, I wish them the best in life but I am sure glad they are not in mine. I know that sounds bad but I refuse to put up with any ones shit. I am a fighter and I never lose--EVER, I learned that from my Mom and I am glad she gave me that backbone, it has come in handy several time in my life.

I know you are all probably think "What the hell" but like I said I just needed to get this off my chest and just want my followers that this is not directed to any of you. I love you all and am happy that I have you guys in my life. I am just sick of the ignorance that others have.


Lisa said...

Joey....I want to respond to this, but I have been stuck with a massive migraine today and quite emotional over the fact that I said my goodbyes tonight to my Dad and Daniel :o( Being honest about how you feel and what you feel is a must and you shouldn't say something or feel something just because you are told to. It wouldn't be "real" As for those telling you that you are going to hell...Ugh....My head is just spinning....let me rest up and get into this tomorrow. Love you~ Lisa

Donna said...

Wow Joey... you must have gotten a whopper of an email for that rant. lol