Friday, May 22, 2009

Productive Day

Taylor, Jimmy and I cracked down and got the house totally clean today. It's never bad but we did the things we usually skip over: windows, baseboards, walls. Eric was pretty impressed when he came home. I am not a house cleaner, he does the majority of the cleaning and I don't ever touch laundry, not my thing. It's not that I don't do anything, I do pick up and wipe down counters and tables but he just gives everything that extra sparkle (okay, that is what Taylor tells him but I am using it in this post). He does laundry, I fold and put it away. I cook, he and Taylor clean afterward, you get the picture. We usually split the floor duty on the weekends, he'll do a room and I'll do another, it works for us.

Eric had some meetings to attend today and a couple sales calls but arrived home early. He was able to get the lawn mowed and drain the pool yet again. It rained a bit when we ran to get gas for the mower but was finished by the time we arrived home. Next weekend we will be mulching the landscape and planting a few more flowers. I have a beautiful hibiscus plant out front and would really like to get another one, out of everything that is my favorite. I may buy a few plants to stick out in the pool area (yes mom, that will be just for you).

Jimmy finally got the opportunity to play outside today but him and Nicky kept going from our house to his, I don't think they played out at all. He spent the evening on YouTube watching Fred. Fred is a huge icon in this house and the kids can't wait for a new video to show up, but they rewatch the old ones over and over. For those who don't know Fred, he is a teenage boy who plays a 6-year-old boy who is often left home alone--pretty funny but his voice (chipmunk-like) gets on your nerves after awhile. You should check him out at least once, you'll get a laugh.

Steph was getting out of the hospital today and planned on taking Andy to visit MawMaw and Nani. They are both doing well. Stephanie, you have two beautiful children.

I really don't have too much going on at the time. Eric's surgery is scheduled for July 21, so we are preparing for that. I still ahven't decided if we will take the kids with us or have them stay home, I'm leaning more towards taking them just in case Eric needs to stay in Tampa, he has to return early the next morning to have a tube removed the day after surgery. Well, that's my post for the evening, goodnight all.

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Vincent Mikel said...

Flowers by the pool would look pretty....