Sunday, May 17, 2009


Eric has become quite the photographer with the cat. I will take pics off my camera to only find an endless supply of Buddy. Eric and I have always had a cat or two in the house but I have never seen him take to one like this. He talks about Buddy to whoever will listen, even complete strangers. If Eric is home Buddy is on him either watching T.V. or napping. Buddy hates smoke so the only time he is not around Eric is when we are outside for a smoke break, he'll lay on the other side of the pool. When Eric is working in the yard he is calling Buddy outside like a dog and the damn cat just lays in the bushes and watches him.

We all love Buddy though, not just Eric. He is one of a kind and has brought a lot of joy into our home, he has even started taking to Jimmy which says a lot when it comes to animals.

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