Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Got Out

Eric took the kids and I out to diner last night, it was nice to get out of the house other than just running to the store. He surprised us with Red Lobster and I thought we were headed to Cracker Barrel. While eating, our little princess, Taylor, just couldn't stand that the mall was right next to us that she begged her daddy to take her, of course, he said yes. She shopped to her little hearts content, Tokio Hotel t-shirts, Tokio Hotel DVD (this DVD is all in German but she doesn't really care as long as she can see Bill), necklaces, earrings, jeans. I never thought puppy dog eyes would get to my husband but I was so wrong, what Taylor wants, Taylor gets. I tried to shop myself but clothes are so ugly and without a Guess store in Lakeland, I always walk away empty handed. Brandon Mall has a G by Guess but it's more club wear than anything so I am stuck having to drive to Tampa for clothes. Jimmy found some FRED shirts at Hot Topic but they were out of his size so I promised to take him back. His obsession with FRED is pretty cute, he giggles the whole time he watches the videos on YouTube, sometimes he even laugh so hard you can't hell laughing with him.

Eric, wanders around the mall following his daughter from shop to shop, Taylor eating up the fact that Daddy is doing this all for her. Jimmy usually walks around with me, pointing out different clothes he thinks I should buy for me or him. We went into Body Shop yesterday, I love the catalogue but the store never has the same things, he wanted necklaces, rings, a dress and shoes. He doesn't understand these won't fit him or else he just doesn't care.

Today I will be studying a bit while laying out and then I have to prepare for our cookout tomorrow. I am not sure everything I will be making but I am confident I will have a good feast!

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